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Why should I study Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology?

Well first of all because it is a properly REGULATED qualification!   There are two regulated training routes and these are at Level 3 and Level 5 and the levels indicate the complexity and depth of the learning.   However, it is only at Level 5 that you are guaranteed what your hours in class are, the homework you have to do, the research and study you have to do and every aspect will be transparent and quality assured.  The Level 5 course is also the ONLY UK reflexology course under the Sector - Nursing and Subjects and Vocations Allied to Medicine. Only Level 5 tutors have completed not only a teacher training qualification, but they also have a qualification to teach reflexology at Level 5.

There are also unregulated courses that may use the same terminology such as Diploma.   Some of them may be ok and have teachers with good reputations, but without the Regulators and Awarding Organisations, you would have no security or safeguards.   You would also only have a 'home' produced certificate, unlike the Regulated route where your certificate displays the Awarding Organisation and Country Regulator logos, which are recognisable and respected worldwide!   No quality assurance either as unregulated can and does vary from ok to awful and everything in between.  

The Agored Cymru Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology is fully regulated by Ofqual & Qualifications Wales and these are the five units you will study.   The word 'unit' is a another word often mimicked by unregulated course providers.

  1. HK25CY010 - Reflexology Skills in Practice
  2. HK25CY009 - Incremental Development of Applied Reflexology Skills in Practice
  3. HK25CY011 - Providing Reflexology for Specific Conditions
  4. HK24CY008 - Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology for Reflexology
  5. HK24CY007 - Business Skills for Reflexology Practice

In 2010, in order to deliver this Diploma, Inspira Academy collaborated with Agored Cymru and Centralia was formed and is the only Recognised Centre for Reflexology in the UK. Centralia then went on to facilitate, quality assure and maintain high standards in the delivery of the Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology training course in other parts of the UK via its Partnership Centre Network, they are called Centralia Partner Centres.

Having established that our course is the right one for you (introduction days run regularly) you can be ensured that you are receiving the highest training possible, but there are still a few further areas to consider which makes training at Inspira Academy the training centre of choice:

    1. We are a private training centre, and this means that we can be entirely flexible and are therefore much better suited to respond to every students individual needs. A percentage of our students are full time professionals and the Inspira course takes this into consideration.
    2. Sue Alma Evans (Director and lecturer) wrote, set up and lectured on both the first HND (University of Glamorgan) and the first BSc (Hons) degree in Complementary Therapies (UWIC, now Cardiff Metropolitan University). After lecturing in these formal educational environments for more than 8 years, she has all the associated expertise gained from this, but decided that reflexology was more effectively learned if spread out over varying time spans, with greater flexibility to accommodate the needs of living and working!
    3. We are a team!   All of us at Inspira Academy are 100% dedicated to making sure that our students become the best Reflexologists possible.   We are all Inspira Academy trained too, so we know exactly what it feels like to be a student.  
    4. The first 8 days of the course are in fairly quick succession, this is in order that the basics can be quickly and efficiently learned. The latter days are more spread about - class/es approximately once per month - this is because by this stage, the student is embarking on Person Studies. Of course we are available to support at all times in between these classes and when you have qualified too.
    5. We care passionately about Reflexology and our Reflexology students, and although the course learning is intensive, it is also fun and we like to build up a rapport with each student, which means that we can maintain lifetime support - something very few other institutions can offer.
    6. Inspira has all the facilities required for teaching reflexology and perhaps uniquely, we also have a method that allows each student to examine their own feet ... very interesting! We also have the added bonus of a more relaxed and less prescriptive environment which past students tell us has been important in several ways. It creates a good, positive learning environment.   Not only do we have our own Training room, we also have an Inspira Academy and an Inspira Students Lounge which, when weather permits, leads to private outdoor sitting / eating area.
    7. All the components of the course are specific and are taught "in house".
    8. As well as the "basics", but as part of the course with no extra costs, we also teach reflexology methods that are unique to ~Inspira~ and these include CALM technique, which is essential knowledge when working with the terminally ill or in a palliative setting and can also be adapted to help to alleviate the stresses of modern society ... very popular!  Also DUOPODY - another unique approach to working systematically and more effectively.   Duopody Reflexology technique has been recognised by the medical profession and from September 2022 is part of a module for Doctors studying for their Masters Degree in Pain Management so that they understand Duopody Reflexology and will be able to refer when they see the need for an alternative approach to health is required.

      There is an introduction to Advanced techniques, giving an insight into some of the skills needed to work in specialist areas such as:

      1. Fertility / Maternity / post pregnancy
      2. Sports injuries
      3. Back problems / injuries
      4. Emotional frailty 
      5. Psychology of Health and Illness and the Inspira Academy treatment (taught by all Centralia Partner Centres) called NEPIP, which focusses on the causes of, and how to alleviate the stress that is so prevalent in today's society.
  • FREE car parking! This may not be something you have given consideration to, but may training course sites have little or no on-site parking, resulting in a long walk (often in the rain) and/or they charge extortionate daily parking rates.
  • Our students dress in similar colours for their practical exams, but no cost is incurred as you decide as a group what colour you wear, dependent on what is in your wardrobes already!
  • There are many other reasons why we feel we should be your first choice of where to study reflexology, so why not come and visit us to see for yourself? We regularly hold "Introduction Meetings" (see homepage for the next date) and the meeting will last for about 2 hours. Please contact Inspira Academy to confirm your attendance.

If you wish to enrol for the Reflexology Course, please CLICK HERE for your application form

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