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Reiki I Course - The Personal Course

Dates for Reiki Courses by InspiraInspira Academy run all Reiki Courses from Reiki I Personal course through Reiki II (for personal use and practitioner) to Reiki Masters (Teaching only).   Here is a sample of what you can look forward to ... 

If you wish to study Reiki I and Reiki II purely for personal growth and to then be able to share these Reiki skills with family, friends etc., you can learn the two levels, but this will be an "informal practice" and you will not be able to work as a paid practitioner. Reiki I will take place over two days and you will then leave sufficient time to get used to and understand Reiki energy before enrolling for Reiki II which will also be run over two days.

The amount of time in between the two levels is very much a personal decision and as we run several courses every year, there is usually an opportunity to continue that suits your own needs.

Reiki I is held over two consecutive days 10.00 to 16.30 and there are two "attunements" on each day. Reiki I enables students to look at the way in which they live and to assess if there are ways in which improvements could be made - this is achieved through guided visualisation, the attunements, discussion etc.

We also spend time understanding The Chakras (energy centres within our bodies) and looking at whether we need less or more of a particular colour in our daily lives. The final afternoon is spent working practically in our dedicated training room.

The two days are very special and students talk of huge personal and spiritual growth as a result. To achieve this process there are a maximum of four students per group.

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