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Our Reflexology Technique - DUOPODY - Reflexology of the Future!

It can be hard to decide where to invest your time and your money when you want to learn something that will give you a new career. We understand that because we have all been there and done it!

Sue had an inspirational teacher - Salvina Macari - and that is why we call the Academy INSPIRA.  In turn, all tutors have been inspira'd by Sue!   We don't just deliver information and techniques.  We have all been inspired by Reflexology and we pass on that inspiration and that passion and that enthusiasm to all our students.  What we know ... you will know too. All Inspira Tutors meet regularly to update and stay at the "cutting edge" of Reflexology training and we all deliver the same knowledge so that you can be assured of the same high standards.

duopody course 02Add on to this the fact that studying at Level 5 will make you the most highly qualified Practitioners of Reflexology in the UK and the question of where to study becomes simple ... Inspira Academy has to be the only answer.


DUOPODY translates to mean DUO (two) PODY (feet) and this is exactly what this technique is about.....both feet at the same time!

Throughout trials DUOPODY has brought about profound responses from clients.  Working both feet at the same time undoubtedly stabilises our basic energy, and diverts our mentally overactive energy back to our feet....helping us to become more "grounded".

Consultation procedures also differ as you use a DUOPODY pro forma which allows you to quickly and simply identify which systems are compromised (and recording your findings are simplified too!)

Sue believes that DUOPODY is the reflexology of the future!



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