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DUOPODY translates to mean DUO (two) PODY (feet) which is exactly what this method is about.....both feet at the same time.
DUOPODY is a symmetrical technique which works methodically through each body system.
Throughout trials Duopody has brought about profound responses from clients.  Working both feet at the same time undoubtedly stabilises our basic energy, and diverts our mentally overactive energy back to our feet.....helping us to become more "grounded".
In the past, many Reflexologists have sufffered with over worked fingers, thumbs and joints, but because you work with both hands at the same time, it allows the Practitioner to have a good, physically supportive stance with shoulders, arms, hands, fingers and thumbs working organically
Consultation also differs as you use a Duopody proforma which allows you to quickly and simply identify which systems are most compromised (and recording your findings are simplified too!).
Working each system (rather than one half and then the other half of the reflected body) means that a Duopodist can really develop a treatment plan specific to the needs of each individual client - rather than a "one treatment fits all" approach.
We at Inspira Academy strongly believe that DUOPODY is the reflexology of the future!!
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