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Agored Cymru Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology Content:

Level Five Reflexology

The Inspira Academy Qualification:

Agored Cymru LEVEL 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology

Our course will cover essential knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of Reflexology to include:

  • Historical perspectives
  • The evolvement of early theories to the present day
  • Reflexology Principles and Treatment Methods
  • How reflexology affects bodily systems
  • Understanding the consultation procedure
  • Techniques of Reflexology for both Feet and Hands
  • Formulating and Personalising a Treatment Programme
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Reflexologist
  • Understanding physical and emotional causes of ill health
  • Understanding disease development and how an individualised reflexology treatment may effect the disease process
  • Understanding stress and stress responses including how to manage, cope or prevent excess stress

Many courses teach the following after you have qualified (at an extra cost)..

at Inspira Academy...We think you need to understand them before you start practising!  

  • The Mind to Body connection
  • Language of the Feet - interpreting findings in the feet from an emotional perspective ... including your own!
  • Energy as medicine
  • Deep Touch Reflexology
  • Light Touch Therapy
  • Introduction to SportsFlexology (SportsFlex), another innovative technique designed by the Inspira team
  • Chinese Meridians in Reflexology
  • Treating Spinal Problems
  • The Organ Clock
  • CALM Technique (Unique to Inspira Academy)
  • Duopody (Unique to Inspira Academy)
  • NeuroEndoPsychoImmunoPody (NEPIP) - Understanding the psychology and pathology of stress and eustress and their effects on illness and health - Unique to Centralia Partner Centres.
Reflexology and MaternitySpecialisms: Subjects that we cover that may be areas for future development of expertise:
  • Subfertility
  • Maternity/Labour
  • Baby & toddler Reflexing
  • Palliative and Terminal Illness Care
  • Sports Injuries
  • Stress Control
  • Working with adults with learning difficulties
  • Because Duopody teaches you systems - digestive, immune, circulatory etc ... it will allow you to specialise in those particular subject areas
Additional Modules to include
  • Introduction to Reflexology Research
Practice Management & the Law
Codes of Practice & Ethics Business Management, including:
  • Pricing and Procedures
  • Planning for the future
  • Tax and National Insurance
  • Legislation
  • Health and Safety
  • Market Research
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Financial considerations - Cash Flow forecasts
  • How to manage your business
  • Preparing Business cards, flyers, etc
  • Business start up costs
  • Security
  • Records and Record Keeping
  • Data protection
  • Start up help
  • Where to source financial help
  • As well as ...
    Employment Options
At Inspira Academy you will learn additional techniques that are exclusive to our Academies and will distinguish you from other Reflexologists. CLICK below to learn more about DUOPODY, CALM TECHNIQUES & SPORTSFLEX
Anatomy and Physiology and Pathology

Unlike other courses, our Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (fondly known as APaP) unit is written with Reflexologists/Duopodists in mind.  At Inspira Academy we recognise what a huge and sometimes difficult subject area this can be so we teach it in a way that makes sense when related to reflexology!   Because when you work on the feet you will be working on systems (digestive system, urinary system etc.) you will learn the basics of each system in the theory class in the morning and then apply those same systems to the feet in the practical session in the afternoon ... Later on in the course, you will have further APaP tuition to fill out your knowledge.  This knowledge will include understanding what happens when we are ill (the pathologies part) and how this may be reflected in our feet.  APaP made interesting and relevant!  

APaP will be taught by Tutors who not only have fantastic theoretical knowledge, but also have the bonus of knowing how to apply this knowledge practically, as a reflexologist, because they are reflexology/duopody practitioners themselves... a complex subject area sympathetically delivered!

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