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Agored Cymru Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology

(Centralia Reflexology Mastership)

Before you go any further, some of the most important questions that are often asked before embarking on a Course in Reflexology are answered below:


What is the Inspira Academy?

Inspira Academy is a private college and we teach the Agored Cymru Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology which is currently the highest level available in the UK.   Inspira Academy is the longest running training centre in the South Wales area.  Other Schools and Colleges have come and gone, but Inspira Academy has always upheld the highest standards and due to an ever increasing demand for this stringent approach to training,   
At the Cardiff Centre, we also teach all the Reiki levels - including Reiki Practitioner Skills training

Where is the Inspira Academy based?

The Inspira Academy Head Office is located in Dinas Powys in between Cardiff and Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan. 

The course venue is located in Cardiff 

(Please click on location for more information about the venue).

Who are the Inspira Personnel?

Sue Evans
Sue is a BA(Hons), PRM, Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, PGCE, Director & Principal Tutor in Reflexology & Reiki
Paul Steward
Paul has a BSc and is Director and Administrator
Anne Trigg
BA(Hons), PGCE, PRM.  Anne was formerly a high school teacher before training with Inspira and becoming a Reflexologist and Reflexology Lecturer
Cath England
BSc (Hons), PRM.  Cath was a Science teacher before training with Inspira and becoming a Reflexologist and reflexology Lecturer at the Cardiff Centre
Jane Powell
Jane also trained at Inspira and now lectures for Inspira and runs her own private clinic

Reasons to enrol on the Level 5 Course in Reflexology

What the Inspira Academy Reflexology Course provides:  

At Level 5 you will learn all the things that you should be learning at Level 3, as well as much more and at a depth and complexity that will give you much more confidence to be a fully equipped Reflexologist at the end of your training.  

Yes, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is important, but you should not be learning as CPD, subjects that are the **basics ... you should be learning them in order to qualify!   ** working with a pregnant client, working with someone who has cancer etc.  Imagine how many clients you would have to refuse to treat, just with these two examples!  Below is a list of what we can assure all learners of when they enrol on a Centralia Level 5 training course and if you are looking at any other courses, please feel free to copy the list and make sure that they can say yes to the whole list.  If there is just one no or they cannot answer the question ... think again!




  • Highest level of Reflexology Training in the UK 
  • Minimum Guaranteed Face to Face Teaching Hours - All Centralia Centres teach YOU               for 150 hours as a minimum - it is a "Hands On" therapy!
  • Course designed by Reflexologists for Reflexologists
  • Palliative Care
  • Maternity Care
  • Subfertility Care
  • Stress Management 
  • Hand Reflexology
  • Nutrition facts for clients and practitioners
  • Research Module
  • National Occupational Standards (NOS's)
  • Comply with Core Curriculum for Reflexology 
  • Guaranteed equality of assessments 
  • Guaranteed equality of evidence based studies
  • All units reflexology specific (Level 3 has 4 units only 1 is specific to reflexology)               Centralia Level 5 has 5 units and they are all Reflexology specific)
  • No generic units - you will learn what you need to learn to be a reflexologist, rather than         having to study a subject area that covers other therapies but is not relevant to being a   Reflexologist - but you still have to spend time studying them - whether you are interested            or not!
  • All Main Tutors are reflexologists with over 3 years clinical practice
  • Verification by an Independent External Approved Centre
  • Externally Verified by Awarding Body
  • Set assessments to guarantee quality assurance and standards
  • All Centralia training centres meet at least once per year to review and improve the course content
  • All Centralia training centres share "best practice" and are committed to upholding and continually developing the standards of the training provision.  This is so that the Reflexologists trained by them are the very best Reflexologists in the UK ... and beyond!  
If you want to learn how to become a clinical, therapeutic and professional reflexologists - look no further!


What is reflexology?

What is Reflexology? - A Definition

* Reflexology is a complementary therapy that is used in an ever increasing number of working environments.

The roots of reflexology are ancient, although it is in the last century that it has once again found its place as a respected means of promoting health and well-being.

Reflexology is both an art and a science. It is an art because a relexologist must be adept, skilful and sensitive, and a science because it is based on physiological and neurological study and is an ever increasing subject of research.

The feet are a mirror image of the body itself - If you imagine looking at the feet together, then the head is represented by the big toes, the chest and lungs are the balls of the feet, the insteps are the main torso and the heels become the bottom of the body. You have to imagine someone sitting on the floor, with their arms and legs crossed, or kneeling with legs tucked underneath the bottom - then look at the pair of feet ... the shape is the same!

Within the feet are areas for all the body's organs and systems and with precise thumb and finger movements these are accessed in order to promote and aid the body's own healing system. So although the reflexologist will activate the healing process, it is the receiver of reflexology who will be in control of their own health and well being, a really positive way in which to look after yourself!

Is the Inspira Academy Level 5 Course recognised nationally?


* The Level 5 Reflexology Qualification is registered and copyrighted with AGORED CYMRU and are part of the Credit and Qualification Framework Wales (CQFW).  Other parts of the UK have not been able to develop to higher levels in Complementary Therapies generally, but because of devolution Wales has.  Wales is proud to be able to provide the Level 5 Reflexology units to our Partners in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland (and certain European Countries as well).

Will I be able to gain insurance when I complete the Level 5 Course?


*  We will register you as students with the Association of Reflexologists (to include free student insurance) and upon successful completion of ALL assignments you may then obtain full membership giving access to comprehensive insurance cover via the AoR.

How many students are there in each group?

* There are a maximum of 8 students per group for the Level 5 Practitioner Course in Reflexology at the Cardiff Centre

How much time will be needed for studying at home?

* Approximately 8 to 10 hours per week

How long are the Reflexology class days?

* The Weekend Reflexology course days (please see course dates) run from 9.30am until 6pm

* The Weekday Reflexology course days (please see course dates) run from 10.00am until 2.30pm

How long are the ~Inspira~ Reflexology Courses?

* The Weekend Reflexology course is 22 days part-time spread over 1 YEAR in order to allow sufficient time to perfect techniques and complete case studies 

* The Weekday Reflexology course is 37 days part-time spread over 16 MONTHS in order to allow sufficient time to perfect techniques and complete case studies 

Are ~Inspira~ recognised by any organisation/association/Societies?

* Yes!
Inspira Academy is very proud to be recognised by an organisation that has the same ethics and strong principles on the subject of Reflexology as we do!   

The Assocation of Reflexologists ensures that prospective students are able to recognise excellence in Training Centre options and also that when those students become members, the general public will be able to recognise that if they are members of the Association of Reflexologists, then they represent excellence as they will know that they have been trained on a fully regulated course with regard for course content rather than "bums on seats"!  It is the only membership organisation that only has reflexologists on their staff ... it is "Run by Reflexologists for Reflexologists". 

CNHC are a voluntary regulation service and have a Practitioner Register.  But there is no meaningful regulation of reflexology training providers which means if a L5 trained practitioner registers with CNHC, they will be alongside others who have had training without the security of external regulation and all that it gives to a student. 

What are the entry requirements?

* Foremost is the desire and commitment to learn reflexology and no prior knowledge is necessary
* Minimum age is 18, but there is no maximum
* For some modules it may be necessary to assess any prior learning i.e Anatomy & Physiology. This will be done in class to ensure that there is then equality of opportunity to learn - regardless of what you know (or don't know!) already


What are my employment opportunities after completing the Level 5 Course?

* Complementary Therapies and Reflexology and Reiki in particular, are growth industries and because Sue, Anne and Cath have been reflexologists and Reiki practitioners for many years, and because Inspira has such a good reputation, potential employers contact us directly enabling us to match working opportunities with qualified Inspira practitioners

* Many past Inspira students have gone on to achieve wonderful things and here is a sample of some of the specialist areas:

> Corporate Stress Management
> Employment in a Private Health Hospital 
> Providing therapy to children with Cerebral Palsy in a Special School
> Day Centre and respite care for the disabled
> Some groups have remained together after completing their course to provide corporate and event treatments
> Working with children and youngsters within a mainstream school
> Controlling stress levels to band members prior to performing live on stage
> Private fertility clinic
> Peripatetic bus providing treatments for the carers of those with Alzheimers (Dawn John who set it up, as well as the reflexologists employed on the bus, were trained at Inspira)
> Working in mental health
> Working in the NHS (hospices, hospitals & GP surgeries)
> Dental Practice
> Reflexologist at League Football club
> Reflexologists at local rugby clubs
> As well as numerous self-employed opportunities available - Please see Gallery/Contact Practitioners page!

Are there any opportunities for academic progression?

* Yes!

The Level 5 Practitioner Course in Reflexology is designed principally to lead directly to employment as a reflexologist.  However, as Level 5 is comparable to a Foundation Degree, it will enable progression to a First Degree in Health Sciences in a number of Higher Education Programmes in UK universities.

Research is an integral part of the Level 5 Reflexology Course and an Inspira trained student has had her research article "Using reflexology to manage stress in the workplace:  A preliminary study" published in Complementary Therapies in Clinincal Practice.
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