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"I am very grateful to have studied and completed the Level 5 Duopody course with Inspira Academy. I loved the course! The teaching, skills and techniques learned ensure you are given the best knowledge and hands on experience to become a capable and adaptive practitioner.  All made fun and interesting by our fabulous tutor Anne Trigg with her never ending supply of encouragement.
Thank you Sue and Paul for a wonderful course, I look forward to coming back to school for my CPD!
Nadia." (2018)
During the time I have been training at Inspira refexology academy I have treated a young four Year old girl as a case study who presented with a Diplegic lower limb co ordination problem as part of her Cerebral Palsy condition.

The child's parents kindly consented to allow me to give duopody reflexology treatments to their daughter to see if she could benefit from this kind of treatment. This little girl walked with a rear support frame to get about independently.

I set about her treatments and bearing in mind she had a total fear of Physiotherapists I began very gently to treat her. She was okay with this. After several treatments the parents and I noticed that her foot positions were changing and coming into line with the direction she was walking in, although they had presented as Hypa elastic and gave no support as her feet usually flopped over causing her to walk on the inner edges of her feet ( the medial and intermediate cuniform bones as well as the navicular bone) resulting in a burning red sore colour to both these tender little feet. We were all delighted but there was more to come.

By the time this little girl had received fourteen treatments of duopody relexology she ran in her school race unaided and without a frame. The parents were delighted and this little girl has continued to have weekly treatments of duopody reflexology to help her further. She has now developed muscle mass on both calves and can ride a three wheeler bicycle.

She generally walks unaided now apart from when very tired or health and safety at school insist she takes a frame into the school yard with her at break times, occasionally.

Her feet have lost the burning red colour on their edges and recently mum had to stop her climbing up steps and out of a ground floor window with her brother and sister because she could. This certainly shows the benefit of duopody reflexology and the power of intention. Steve Rees
"I first met Sue and Paul at Inspira Academy where I attended Reiki level 1 & 2, the training was so good and they were both so knowledgable and inspiring that I signed up for the Level 5 Reflexology course. This qualification has been life changing for me, I've gone from a career in the corporate world to running my own business as a Duopodist and Reiki Practitioner. Attending the course was a wonderful journey and I learnt so much along the way.

All of the tutors were completely supportive and they still give me ongoing support should I ever need to call on them. I have merged my previous experience and new career and I now provide Duopody to a large call centre in Cardiff, this has proven very successful and I'm starting to now roll this out to other companies. Inspira Academy has given me all of the skills, knowledge and motivation that I need to be a successful Duopodist and with a little initiative, I think the possibilities are endless. A massive thank you to Sue, Paul and all of the other tutors". Jenny
"I had previously completed a Level 3 course in reflexology at a local FE college but felt at the end of the course that I did'nt really have anywhere near enough knowledge to be a competent or confident reflexologist.  The course was very basic and limited and did not deal with a lot of issues. A friend of a friend told me about Inspira and how in depth the course was in comparison to the course I'd been on, I contacted Sue and Paul and arranged an interview - best thing I've ever done, best course by a mile - it's full on but I have really learned so much and now have the confidence to treat my clients clinically and therapeutically!

Thank you Inspira

Mel x

" I am so happy that all your hard work and dedication to reflexology has meant that more Inspira schools are going to be available to more people!  Duopody is really special and all the case studies who have had reflexology before have all remarked on how wonderful Duopody is.  I feel really priviliged  to have been taught by you and your team and I feel I have learned some invaluable skills..... I am really proud of myself for finishing, this is one of the few things in my life that I have seen through and that speaks volumes.  It must be beause I had the most inspiring teachers!"


"I cannot find the words to tell you how much I have enjoyed becoming a reflexologist under your fantastic, inspiring and supportive guidance!!  Thank you, thank you for the fun way in whch you have shared such special knowledge and skills!"

Love J x

"Thank you so much for such an amazing course....all the hard work was worth it!  It has been an amazing experience...."

V x 

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the brilliant teachings, sometimes emotional, times we have had together at Inspira!  We cannot thank you enough for supporting us to the end and becoming Duopodists!

The Miss Piggies

"Thanks you very much - I feel that I have a whole new life to enjoy!"


"Thank you both so much for being such an inspiration.  I have loved every minute and have learned so much."


"Thank you for the support and guidance over this last year. Thank you for helping me to develop the way I have and thank you again for such an amazing course. And most of all thank you for being you"

Alex x

"Thank you so much, it has ben an amazing journey and I will never forget it. I have have truly been 'Inspira'd'"

Helen x

"Thank you for passing on the wonders of reflexology. For your patience and teaching techniques. It has and will make such a difference to me"


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