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How to Enrol for Reflexology or Reiki Courses

Learn Reiki with InspiraEnrol today to ensure your place on one of our Reflexology courses.

Join our succesful students as an Inspira Academy graduate!

To enrol on an Inspira Academy course is a very straight forward process. All you have to do is complete the online application form and return it to Inspira Academy (completing the application form does not form a contract for either party) .

At Inspira Academy we recognise that you will be making a large investment, both in time and money and therefore we think it appropriate to meet prospective students face to face (it's not a formal interview, more of a friendly chat) prior to course commencement.  It gives you, the student, the opportunity to meet the tutor/s at your venue and of course ask any questions about the course.  And as it is a group meeting, you will also have the chance to meet your fellow students!  The "Informal Meetings" usually last about 2 hours and occur on a regular basis.

When your online application has been received, you have attended an "Informal Meeting" and it is agreed by both parties that this is the course for you, you will be formally accepted and registered on the course and finally we will request your deposit and will send you an email with Inspira Academy bank details.

* To enrol for Reiki Training please go to the following link: Reiki Courses Information & Enrolment

Investing in Level 5 Reflexology Training, may well be the best investment you will ever make in your life!



  • We hope this website covers all the information you require in order to enrol online but if you do have any further queries please contact us ... CLICK HERE 

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