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Inspira Academy are pleased to offer the following course in 2023, here is what you can look forward to ... 

Orthopody (incorporating Sportsflex techniques)

Presented by Annie Trigg & Sue Alma Evans (Authors of The Podycharts)

May 27th & 28th 2023

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This training programme is all about rebalancing MusculoSkeletal integrity via Muscle Chains and Fascia.

It is ideal for all reflexologists and their clients and of particular interest when treating clients impacted by MusculoSkeletal compromise and/or injury, but as compromise is also brought about by stress, this pretty much covers everyone!   

MusculoSkeletal strength and elasticity are often compromised and impacted by the more obvious things like injury, be that from exercise, sport or a fall, but also from the less obvious things like poor postural habits, the weakening and atrophy of muscles from lack of movement, post operative impact on muscles and fascia, or stress and tension.   All these factors create inflammation and imbalance which communicates and travels through the length of Muscle Chains and Fascia Tissue. 

The treating of the Muscle Chains that are taught during your training, are based on the meridial lines of the eight Muscle Chains and their associated fascia and are integral in the strong and stable framework of the body.  By re-balancing the fascia of these Muscle Chains the body is able to return to its optimal integrity of strength, elasticity, capability and importantly, range of movement too.  The OrthoPody training course will teach you how to:

    • identify and work to rebalance the Muscular Chains and Fascia on the the Feet

    • use measurement techniques on the body to identify changes in the range of joint movements associated with each Muscle Chain, pre and post treatment.  Clients ... and the Reflexologist / OrthoPodist ... are amazed at the treatment results when their range of movements changes after each chain is treated (and there are 8 chains, so 8 tangible and evidence based results).  You will be working with the body responses to achieve change and this generates an empowering of your client to achieve a healthy connection to their own body.

    • work and treat specifically to improve common MusculoSkeletal injuries caused by trauma or postural related or stress and tension related issues

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Your course training will include the precise identification and positioning of the Muscle Chains on the feet, measurement of a range of movements and then treating the Muscle Chains using the following techniques:

    • Effleurage and Petrissage techniques for the Muscle Chains & Fascia

    • Bi-manual and Duopody methods and techniques

    • How to gain greater depth of access to the Muscle Chains and Fascia

    • A protocol for treating injury issue areas including stretching, energetic balancing, anti-inflammatory linking and drainage over affected areas

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  • There will be course learning material and graphic images of the Muscle Chains which will be illustrated on the world renowned PodyCharts ensuring precision of location and treatment.   Included for each of the 8 chains are 3 sets of charts which clearly depict the multiple muscle chains named and are used alongside a box chart that details the action most associated with each muscle.  Clients are amazed when they recognise themselves and their aches and pains in the rest of the list on the chain! This also means that we will then fully understand why an imbalance or injury in one place, can manifest as pain in another, seemingly unrelated area. 

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