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    Exceptional Times = Exceptional Opportunities!

    Is now the time for you to make a change in your life?

    2023 is the 25th anniversary of Inspira Academy and our training is life changing!

    Why not join our many graduates and have a working life that you enjoy?   

    A working life that is really, really satisfying and provides joy for both the Reflexologist and their clients!

    NEW 2023 course dates NOW available 


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    Inspira Academy are proud to announce the arrival of the next generation reflexology course

    OTHM Level 5 Diploma in Applied Reflexology for Integrated Medicine is on the Health Sector: 

    Nursing and Subjects and Vocations Allied to Medicine.        

    Inspira Academy has a dedicated training room which is light, bright and large with desks as well as the spacious areas for the fantastic practical work.  Unlike many other trainers you don't have to bring your own equipment, which is often a garden recliner, as Inspira Academy has bespoke Reflexology beds and stools. 

    Come and learn with us - we were selected as the Pilot Training Course Provider for Level 5 Reflexology back in 2010 and we were ahead of everyone else then and we are still ahead now!   Come and learn exclusive techniques, come and learn so much more than reflexology, seize the moment and come and be a part of something awesome!

    Call us or email us to discuss joining our next intake. Don't delay in applying and take your first step in a NEW direction and start preparing for a exciting future!

    Our awesome Tutors are raring to go ... we hope you are too.

    Fill in the online application form (does not commit you to anything) to get the process started and give yourself something really positive to look forward to ... we look forward to hearing from you ~ everyone at Inspira Academy

    Please see REFLEXOLOGY for further details, if you are interested in REIKI Courses please click on link


  • 2023 - OCTOBER






  • Last places remaining for the Autumn Level 5 Reflexology Course at Inspira Academy.

    To learn more about the course call

    Cath (Head Tutor) on 07905 620087



  • We hope this website covers all the information you require in order to enrol online but if you do have any further queries please contact us ... CLICK HERE 

    OR if you would like to have a chat with us...

    Telephone: 07905 620087


Centralia (CREA) Centres are the most amazing group of Reflexology Training Centres and Inspira Academy is a part of this Reflexology Education Authority Consortium teaching the most sort after Reflexology Practitioners of the future.   The Consultant Specialists ensure that the subjects you learn are written by the people at the very top of their field e.g. treating for cancer, menopause (female and male), treating babies, toddlers, teenagers, sub-fertility, male health, palliative care, and much, much more.  This is a qualification for Integrated Medicine which means that we teach you how to help your clients to help themselves by having a broad approach to health and healing, of course with the wonders of a reflexology treatment as the foundation for improved wellbeing.  Integrated also means being able to integrate a Toolkit of Techniques so that every person you treat has a bespoke treatment that is as individual as they are!

CREA Centres are unique which means that at Inspira Academy you will learn specialist techniques for a specialised qualification:  These are NOT available on any other Level 5 or University reflexology training courses.

1.  DuoPody:  The feet and lower legs reflect the body.   The body is made up of systems.  You will be able to treat every body system with anatomical detail reflected in the feet,  Supported with amazing teaching / learning aides with educational films for personal support in between classes.  The often dreaded subjects of Anatomy and Physiology are 'brought to life' and become exciting and interesting as each system will be taught at the same time as Duopody with the Consultant Specialists contributing 'real life' client scenarios so that the learning becomes relevant to being a Duopody Reflexologist.

2.  CALM:  Sometimes the intention to promote healing via the body's systems is not relevant, so we teach you to recognise highs and lows of body energy.   Inspira Academy have instructed at hospices and hospitals with this technique with great CALMing effect for the recipients.   Also taught at USA Conference.  

3.  NEPIP:  Stress!  Why do we do what we do?  How do we combat the daily stressors of life?  Understanding the psychology of Health and Illness is the basis for NEPIP technique.  Add in mindfulness and consciousness, mix it together with the body systems most involved in our stress responses and you have NEPIP technique.   You will understand so much more about your clients ... and yourselves too ... get ready to be amazed!

... and there is more!

If what you are currently doing is driving you to distraction and you want to have a worthwhile and fulfilling career, then to bring about a change in your lifestyle you must be certain that your hard earned money and the effort that you will have to make, is invested wisely. There are easier training options than ours, but if you want to learn at the very highest level with the greatest opportunities for work when you graduate, then you should be studying with us so that you can be a Reflexology Practitioner that will be accepted by all other fields of healthcare Practitioners:


Level 5 Diploma in Applied Reflexology for Integrated Medicine

The Inspira Academy Training Centre is a permanent educational training facility based near Cardiff  

Reflexology training with Inspira

Reasons to enrol with Inspira Academy: 



  • Inspira Academy teaches the highest standard of Reflexology Training in the UK. This is the ONLY reflexology qualification that has a unit at Level 6

  • Access to the UK's authorised and fully regulated Level 5 Reflexology under the OFQUAL  framework  

  • The Level 5 Diploma in Applied Reflexology for Integrated Medicine is assigned as an OTHM Specialist Qualification

  • The qualification has been designed, developed and improved from the highly successful Agored Cymru Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology and was moved from Agored Cymru to OTHM in January 2023, to further enhance the learning for the student with the addition of 3 more specialised Units.  All raising the standards even higher 

  • Your depth of learning both practical and theoretical will give you the confidence and knowledge to converse with the medical profession and scientists.  You must understand the theory, but our main thrust will always be on the practical application of what you learn.  With over 180 hours face to face with your tutor/teachers, you will do more reflexology (and be treated too of course) than many courses offer as total hours!

  • Inspira Academy Tutors all have reflexology clinics and they are innovative and continuously striving to improve their own practices and share advancements with students.  For example,  over time advances have been made and evidence has shown that treating with both hands and both feet simultaneously with Duopody (to reflect the whole body) is a truly holistic approach to promoting and facilitating improvements to the health of body and mind

  • Duopody Reflexology is delivered as part of a module for Doctors studying for a Masters in Pain Management, as the University and the University Hospital have endorsed Duopody Reflexology (and not any other reflexology method) so that Doctors understand that sometimes there is a need to refer their patients ... to a Duopody Reflexologist!  Enrol now to be on the first Duopody Directory which will be a worldwide - a global Register

  • Inspira Academy (Cardiff) is the ONLY centre in South East Wales with great connections to the rest of the UK

  • The minimum requirements for reflexology practice have been used in the qualification design, with a starting point based against the Core Curriculum for Reflexology and the Skills for Health NOS's.   This level 5 qualification develops much further and is designed to extend learners range and accountability in reflexology practice, and to develop progression opportunities in a clinical / professional environment.

  • Like other Level 5 Diplomas, the Level 5 Diploma in Applied Reflexology for Integrated Medicine has parity with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) at Level 5, but please note that the EQF is only a comparison framework for levels and does not endorse, accredit or recognise any qualification.   This OTHM qualification is the only UK reflexology qualification recognised by the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and automatically attracts 60 credits which are fully transferrable not only in Europe, but in many other worldwide Countries as well.  *2 UK Credits = 1 ECTS Credits

  • The Level 5 course is 100% quality assured internally by Centralia Reflexology Education Authority (CREA) and externally quality assured by OTHM to an exceptionally high standard

  • Sector - Nursing and Subjects and Vocations Allied to Medicine and is a full 120 credits in line with a university year which also attracts 120 credits per year, ensuring a smooth transition for progression to degrees with Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) with the requisite number of 120 credits 

  • The qualification has been designed to ensure that the learning is progressive and along with base and foundation techniques it also encompasses advanced practical and advanced conceptual knowledge

  • New! A unique treatment routine specific to Stress and this will only be available to students studying on the OTHM Qualification (no longer available on the Agored Cymru Level 5 qualification).   This is a truly Unique Selling Point (USP) when qualified

  • Inspira trained reflexologists go on to work in many areas including corporate work, NHS - hospitals, hospices, health centres, as well as private practice

  • Inspira Academy has been accepted as a Member School of RiEN (Reflexology in Europe Network) and CREA are also organisation members

  • Very important ... we care about each and every Learner ... all our Tutors had "other jobs/careers" and then studied reflexology at Inspira Academy and changed their lives. They know the route isn't always easy, but they all got there and will help you get there too.  Our support wont end with your training.


If you want to be assured of having the very best chance to succeed when you graduate, you have to train at

Inspira Academy!

 Email Inspira Academy or Tel: 029 2051 2508

Inspira Academy is a Partnership Centre with Centralia /CREA the Approved Centre for the Awarding Body


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Inspira Academy is one of a group of Centralia (CREA) Centres across the UK & Ireland who deliver the Level 5 Diploma in Applied Reflexology for Integrated Medicine and have united to raise and maintain Reflexology Training to a professional, therapeutic and clinical standard. Level 5 graduates are being actively sought by health providers recognising the value of this higher standard of reflexology training and expertise.


  • We hope this website covers all the information you require in order to enrol online but if you do have any further queries please contact us ... CLICK HERE 

    OR if you would like to have a chat with us...

    Telephone: 07905 620087

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