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    All levels of Reiki are taught at Inspira Academy Cardiff

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  • Centralia Reflexology Mastership
    (incorporating Agored Cymru units at Level Five)

    You will be qualified at the highest level of Reflexology training available in the UK!


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  • A First For Inspira

    You will learn NEW and INNOVATIVE techniques that are unique to Inspira
     which will define and distinguish you as a ...



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  • CARDIFF COURSE - SEPTEMBER 2016-2017 dates NOW available 

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  • SWANSEA/NEATH OCTOBER 2016-2017 dates NOW available 

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    Presented by Hagar Basis - July 30th & 31st 2016


    With Dorthe Krogsgaard & Peter Lund Frandsen - April 22-23 2016

Welcome ...

The highly renowned and successful Inspira Academy has been educating and training for 16 years and has a policy of forward thinking, innovation and continues to lead the way in Reflexology Training!   

If what you are currently doing is driving you to distraction and you want to have a worthwhile and fulfilling career, then to bring about a change in your lifestyle you must be certain that your hard earned money and the effort that you will have to make, is invested wisely.   There are easier training options than ours, but if you want to learn at the very highest level with the greatest opportunities for work when you graduate, then you should be studying for:

CENTRALIA REFLEXOLOGY MASTERSHIP (incorporating Agored Cymru units at LEVEL 5).

Inspira Academy has Centres for Level 5 Reflexology Mastership Training in Swansea, Cardiff and Bristol

For further details EMAIL INSPIRA ACADEMY or Tel: 02920 512508

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 Reflexology training with Inspira

Reasons to enrol on the Level 5 Inspira course
  • Inspira Academy teaches the highest standard of Reflexology Training in the UK
  • Level 5 is designed for students who will work as clinical and therapeutic practitioners
  • Inspira Academy teaches techniques that will give you confidence and knowledge to converse with the medical profession/scientists etc
  • Classic/Ingham technique says it is holistic, but only treats one half of the body at a time.  Advances have been made and although this is effective, Duopody is even more effective and works the whole body (via both feet) at the same time - a truly holistic approach to health
  • Nationally recognised and accredited course
  • Inspira Academy has been accepted as a Member School of RiEN (Reflexology in Eurpoe Network)
  • Read Testimonials from past students
  • Inspira Academy is the ONLY centre in the South West of England and all of Wales providing the Centralia Reflexology Mastership (incorporating Agored Cymru units at Level 5)
  • The level 5 units were developed on the CQFW framework and they underpin and augment the Level 3 Diploma which is the QCF qualification in reflexology
  • Level 5 on the CQFW framework is equal to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) at Level 5
  • The Level 5 course is 100% quality assured and externally regulated by Agored Cymru to an exceptionally high standard
  • All the units are under the Sector - Nursing and Subjects and Vocations Allied to Medicine - this is the only reflexology course in the UK under this sector!

And even more importantly ... we care about each and every Learner ... all our Tutors had "other lives" and then studied Refexology at Inspira Academy and changed their lives.  They know the route isn't always easy, but they all got there and will help you get there too. 

"A turtle travels only when it sticks its neck out"  (Korean saying)

All students will receive a Complimentary Reflexology Practitioner Starter Pack (value £160.00) which includes:

* Reflexology chair

* Portable reflexology stool

* This package will be all that you need for the training and for treating your Person Studies.  Of course it also means that at the important time of qualifying you will fully equipped to begin your NEW career as a reflexologist 

  • On completion of your course you will be able to use the acronym CRM5 (Centralia Reflexology Mastership @ Level 5 - reflecting the course title that incorporatesAgored Cymruunits at Level 5)
  • Inspira trained reflexologists go on to work in many areas, both private and within the NHS
  • Student Membership and Insurance with Professional Reflexology (PR)
  • On qualification this can be converted to full membership entitling you to also use the letters PRM (Professional Reflexology Member) after your name 
  • Upon graduation students will be able to register with theComplementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and any other respected membership organisation

If you want to be assured of having the very best chance to succeed when you graduate, you have to train at an Inspira Academy!

  • Full support throughout the course duration
  • All tutors are passionate about their subjects and are all educated to degree level 
  • Inspira Academy always provides excellence in training and all tutors stay at the cutting edge of new developments in the field of Reflexology and Health Care
  • On-going support after qualification 
  • An annual Inspira Academy meeting to share ideas and to meet with old friends
  • Levels represent the difficulty of learning processes and the accompanying assessments
  • To assist understanding, a Level 3 Reflexology Course may be compared to an A Level whilst a Level 5 course could be compared to a Foundation Degree
  • For Example: You may study history as a subject at A Level or at Degree Level, they are the same subject but the Degree course will be more complex
  • No prior learning at lower levels is required to enrol upon the Inspira Academy Level 5 Course in Reflexology just a commitment to learn to the very highest standards
  • Learning and Progession Routes diagram


 Inspira Academy is a Partnership Centre with CENTRALIA the Recognised Centre for the Awarding Body


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Inspira Academy is one of a group of Centralia colleges, centres and schools across the UK who deliver the Centralia Reflexology Mastership (incoporatingAgored Cymruunits at Level 5) and have united to raise and maintain Reflexology Training to a professional, therapeutic and clinical standard.  Level 5 graduates are being actively sought by health providers recognising the value of this higher standard of reflexology training and expertise.


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